It Is Our Responsibility

We stand behind the quality of our work in the same way that we stand behind our responsibility to our society and our environment. When it comes to sustainability, we believe that even the smallest deeds can make a difference.

Both professionally and privately, we believe in taking steps to protect the environment and conserve energy wherever possible – whether that involves separating recyclables, riding our bikes, or minimizing the amount of paper we use.

We support a number of non-profit organizations and institutions, including UNICEF, Amnesty International Germany, the World Food Institute, the Global Marshall Plan Foundation, and the Deutsche Stiftung für internationale Zusammenarbeit e.V. (IRZ), among others. Additionally, our attorneys are active in various local organizations throughout Berlin and Brandenburg.

We Are Happy to Hire

Our law firm actively provides training in a number of areas, including vocational education, job shadowing programs for attorneys visiting from other countries, clerkships for junior attorneys, and internships.
Since our law firm was founded in 1997, we have had at least one paralegal or legal secretary in training with us each year.

Naturally, we also ensure that our employees receive additional training and education on a regular basis.

As part of a program offered by the Deutsche Stiftung für internationale Zusammenarbeit e.V. (IRZ), once a year, we provide a position to an attorney visiting from a foreign country. The position gives our foreign colleagues the opportunity to shadow our team in order to learn about the workings of the legal system and the legal profession in Germany.

Thanks to this program, today, we can look back on ten successful years of learning and cooperation with our colleagues from other countries, including Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, the Russian Federation, Slovenia, and Slovakia. Many of these young lawyers are now our partners at firms in their home countries.

For us, helping to guide junior attorneys to the successful completion of their clerkships is a matter of course. We have hired some of the attorneys who clerked with us as full-time employees.

All Clients Matter to Us

We always put our clients’ best interests first – that’s why our first priority is to find an out-of-court solution for our clients’ issues. In this way, we can often minimize the time, money, and energy expended right from the outset.

Only if this strategy fails do we move on to efficiently and effectively representing our clients’ interests in court.

For us, there is no such thing as an “unimportant” client. Naturally, we also provide legal services for clients utilizing the German government-sponsored legal aid and advice programs (Staatliche Prozesskostenhilfe und Beratungshilfe).

We provide all of our clients with the same expert level of legal advice – because we are only satisfied with our own work when we deliver the best possible quality.

We Are Here for You.